Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Product Backlog (in Scrum Methodology)

Product Backlog is a prioritized feature list, which have short descriptions of each feature (called as stories). Generally it’s a responsibility of Product Owner to create the prioritized feature list which may be change by time (may change the priority, added/removed features). Stories are generally written by Product Owner and updated (if required) by feature team. Product backlog may not be the complete feature list as it may grow anytime and it depends on the knowledge of product and change in customer need.
Product backlog is a starting point for any sprint. Sprint backlog takes input from Product backlog, so highly prioritized feature list is from product backlog is candidate for Sprint backlog, and Sprint backlog must be decided by feature team (that is what are highly prioritized features they can take for current sprint).
If a sprint outcome product/feature has bugs then bugs must go in product backlog and should be prioritized by product owner.
Any knowledge acquisition/training required by feature team or any other hardware/developer’s workstation upgrade required for further development is part of scrum backlog and must be considered as part of product backlog. For example, if development of product needs some Python knowledge, so knowledge acquisition of Python must be part of product backlog.


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