Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Scrum Master’s Role (in Scrum Methodology)

As we have seen before that Scrum master is a coach for the team which ensures that all the values and practices are getting applied in the development process as per the best. Scrum master guides the team to achieve their goal and perform well.
Scrum master is not responsible for any delivery/delay or product quality. Scrum master work closely with Product owner to make sure that Product backlog won’t go in a bad shape, i.e. product backlog must be balanced. Scrum master generally keep an eye for the next sprint task-list and work with product owner to create the next sprint backlog.
As we all know that in a waterfall model the development mostly decided by project manager and most of the project managers are aggressive when it comes to deliverables and there is a high possibility that product owner is one of them. So aggressive Product owner may have a sprint backlog which may create pressure on team and team may be forced to over-commit. Now scrum master play a good role to avoid this kind of situation. Scrum master ensures that team never over-commit and don’t feel any pressure, as over-commit and pressure is always responsible for poor quality software.
In summary scrum master advices the team that how to use the scrum processes to deliver high quality software. Scrum master is a kind of motivator for the team and reminds about your commitment for the sprint.
One more important responsibility of Scrum Master is to create a Release Burn-down chart, which is basically to track the team progress against a release plan.


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