Friday, 4 April 2014

Project-Managemnt Terminologoies

What is a Project?
Project is a risky endeavor to create a product/application with feasible cost and justified resources (man-power, time and equipments). A project is to deliver new product/services/processes which are more or less not exist in the world. 

What is a Task?
                Task is a unit/slice of project which is an independent deliverable.

Project management:-
As said that project is a risky endeavor so definitely we need proper management to avoid or recover if any risk and make sure that it gets delivered as whole with feasible cost and justified resources. Project management is all about to handle whole pressure and make sure that their team/associates feel no pressure. Project manager delegates parts of project to Task Managers.

Task management:-
                This is pretty simpler than project management as here task deliverable as part of project is only focus with given resources. So no extra effort needed to work-out with cost feasibility and resource management, straight forward just task completion.


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