Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Feature Team’s Role (in Scrum Methodology)

Feature team is a core team who actually delivers the part/product. These members have no specific roles like architect, developer, tester, analyst, etc. but we can say that every Feature team member should have all these skill-sets. Individuals of Feature team are not responsible for any task but the whole team is committed for each and every task and individuals of that team should understand that.
A Feature team size is between 5-10 people, so big team must be divided in small groups, and we can have number of Feature team. Suppose you have a big product which may need 500 people in the team, keeping 100 people in a single team can’t be enough productive and it would be complete mess. In another example suppose we have a product for which team size is 30 only but in different geography and that too in different time-zone, we can not have one single team in this case as well due to lack of communication with given reason different time-zone. Let us see another example suppose we have a 30 member team in same location, and think that we are doing daily-scrum (meeting), it may be time consuming, as daily-scrum should be around 15-20 minutes, and it may be messy as well.
So best team size is 5-10 people where each member can speak in Daily-scrum for 1.5-2 minutes.

Now one question definitely in our mind that when 100 member’s team is there and suppose we have small group of 10 people in team so we will have 10 teams, how these different 10 teams will interact to each other, so let me tell you that these teams will use the meeting technique called ‘Scrum of Scrum’ where one or two member of each team will do scrum meeting which may happen thrice in a week or as per need, if required they can record the meeting conversation in phone and interact with their own team to avoid any communication gap.


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