Thursday, 11 December 2014

Scrum in Education System (Edu-Scrum)

Today’s Education System:
             Education system is backbone of any system in any era.  The education system has been a business these days, that too without competition for betterment in education. It is just to present the show off stuff to attract the guardians and students both. Rote learning (a technique based on repetition) has been the practice in now day’s education system, where student don’t understand the philosophy behind the subject topic/definition/etc. Even most of the time the when same question comes in different way to the student he failed to answer, as he has practiced the   Q-A in rote learning way. Rote learning is required in some extent, for e.g. learning one's lines in a play or memorizing a telephone number, or definitions.
I have seen students from Math’s, Physics, and Psychology backgrounds are even following the rote learning mechanism. They are repetitively reading/writing the same algorithm/principles/solutions/Sayings and they are failing to understand the fundamental behind that.

I am a Scrum follower/implementer and here I would like to introduce Scrum in Education system for its betterment.

How Scrum can help?
As  we know that in any class there are 3 important things - Teacher/faculty, number of students, and number of subjects. Now let us see that how Scrum can help here -
A session of a course could be divided in sprints


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